Getting started

How do I work with Roadmap as a mentor

On the dashboard you will find an overview of all of the students that you are assigned to you. You will also find a number of shortcuts per student: the profile, messages, agenda, logbook and network of the student. These components are further discussed in more detail.


Studying in higher education brings many new impressions. In the logbook students can write down their experiences and keep track of their emotions, energy and stress levels. The frequency at which the student must complete the logbook is not fixed. The student can fill in the logbook when he or she needs it, the frequency can also vary within certain periods (for example more often during exams, etc.).

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Student's profile

On the student's profile you can quickly consult all data and information regarding the use of the student's Roadmap and perform specific actions for that specific student. Read more about the profile »


The student and you can contact each other easily and directly via "messages". To send a new message to the student, click on "x" on the student's message page or use the shortcut button at the top right of each page. It is also possible to add attachments to a message or search for a specific message in the message history via the search function.

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Student's agenda

The switch to higher education is often accompanied by a new routine, new activities, new courses, a need for time management and a good time distribution, etc. These issues can be a challenge for students with ASD. Keeping an agenda can help with this. Roadmap offers a built-in agenda in which students can keep track of their activities.

About the agenda »

Student's network

In difficult situations or with questions and doubts, it can help the student to find advice and support with their own personal network and their own support figures. On the network page the student can keep an overview of his / her most important support figures and who he / she can call in which situations. The student can add people to this network (name, e-mail address, telephone number and description).

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Roadmap offers students various signposts on various topics related to life and learning as a student in higher education. Each signpost contains the following four sections: what to expect, possible challenges, tips and useful links (/ learning materials).

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Under "toolbox" in the menu bar at the top of your screen, you can find an overview of all useful links and learning materials from the various signposts. Enter a search term to find all of the information related to the search term on Roadmap.

Through this function it is also possible as a mentor to consult all information (e.g. signposts, etc.) that is visible to the student, by entering the corresponding search term(s).


Do you have any questions about using Roadmap for which you could not find the answer in the FAQs or this manual? First of all, you can contact the administrator of your institution. Didn't find the solution? Feel free to ask SIHO your question via the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.