Roadmap and research

Roadmap is linked to research. The purpose of the research is to evaluate the use of Roadmap and to improve and optimize Roadmap. To this end, we carry out research among students who use Roadmap, students who do not use Roadmap and with mentors who use Roadmap during their coaching moments. Participation in the study is not mandatory. If you do participate, you can withdraw from the research at any time, you do not have to give a reason for your withdrawal and it does not affect the further use of Roadmap.

When you register at Roadmap as a student, you will receive information about the research and you can indicate whether or not you would like to participate in the research. You can give your consent to participate in the research via an informed consent. If you would like to participate in the research, you will receive a user ID (this is an anonymous code). On the one hand, certain information about the use of the instrument is stored anonymously on a protected and secure database. On the other hand, we ask you to fill out a short questionnaire anonymously, five times during the academic year. Afterwards, analyzes are only performed on the anonymous user data. Finally, you can also be asked to participate in an interview. This interview will be conducted completly confidentiality by the SIHO. Again, all of the data will be processed anonymously.