Can Roadmap be of any help for me?

The transition to higher education brings along many changes. New lessons, a different time schedules, various work and exam forms, being more independent, new locations and so much more. Often new students also don't know what to expect. Studying in higher education with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can especially entail extra challenges. Are you looking for information, tips and tricks and useful tools that can support you during this transition? Then Roadmap can help you. In addition, Roadmap is available online at any time and anywhere and you choose whether you use Roadmap individually or whether you call in the support of an attendant. More information about what Roadmap can offer you can be found on the "About Roadmap" page.

In which higher education institutions can I use Roadmap?

Roadmap is available for students from all of the Flemish higher education institutions.

Can I use Roadmap for free?

Yes. You can use Roadmap for free as long as you are enrolled as a higher education student at a Flemish college or university.

How long can I use Roadmap?

You can use Roadmap as long as you are enrolled as a higher education student at a Flemish college or university.

Can I continue to use Roadmap if I change of my branch of studies or my higher education institution?

Yes, you can. You can use Roadmap as long as you are enrolled as a higher education student in a college or university in Flanders. You can register on Roadmap with an institution-specific e-mail address. If you change your study program but continue to study at the same institution, you will retain your institution-specific e-mail address. You can then continue to use Roadmap without changes and your previously saved data and personal settings will also be saved. If you are going to study at another higher education institution, you will receive a different e-mail address. You can still use Roadmap, but you will have to create a new account at your new higher education institution. Your previously saved data and personal settings will then be lost and you will have to re-enter the prefered settings in your new Roadmap account.


When you first log in to Roadmap, a pop-up appears with a tutorial where you quickly get an overview of the most important functionalities of Roadmap. You can close this pop-up (it will reappear every time you log in) or permanently hide it. It is possible at any time to reactivate the pop-up via your account.

Can I also view and use Roadmap on a smartphone or a tablet?

Yes, Roadmap is also accessible for tablets and smartphones.


Have you chosen to use Roadmap with a mentor?

Students and mentors are linked to each other by the administrator of your institution. As soon as this person has linked a mentor to your account, you will be notified. You can already work independently with Roadmap while waiting for a mentor.

As soon as you receive this notification, you can contact your mentor via Roadmap. Your mentor will then also have access to the parts of Roadmap that you have chosen to make visible to your mentor. You can always change these settings in your account settings under "privacy details".

Can I combine the use of Roadmap with other guidance methods?

Yes, you could use Roadmap in combination with guidance, but this is not required. If you receive guidance at your higher education institution, you can give your mentor access to your Roadmap account. You can then contact your mentor via Roadmap and decide for yourself which things your mentor can or cannot see. Personal guidance and Roadmap can support each other in this way. You are the only one who can make this decision. Mentors cannot give themselves access to your Roadmap account without your permission. The choice to use Roadmap with or without a mentor is not definitive. You can decide at any time while using Roadmap to continue using Roadmap with or without a mentor.

Why would I combine Roadmap in combination with other guidance methods?

The transition to higher education brings along many changes with it. Roadmap already provides guidance during this transition. However, universities and colleges also offer personal guidance on, for example, study method and study planning, fear of failure, etc. Moreover, a mentor from the university or college where you are going to study knows the institution through and through. They can also give you more information about how everything works in practice and give you useful tips and tricks. A mentor can also help you optimally use the guidance elements from Roadmap to get as much support as possible from the tool. Conversations with a mentor are completely confidential, and you also choose to what extent and how you want to combine Roadmap with guidance and what data / information your mentor can or cannot see.

Login and register

How do I register for Roadmap?

If you want to use Roadmap, you must first register and create an account. Surf to the homepage of Roadmap: http://www.myroadmap.eu and register through the registration page.

After you have requested an account, you will receive an email with a link. Click on the link to create your account. To create your account, Roadmap requires the following information:

  • name and surname;
  • field of study and academic year;
  • picture (optional);
  • password;
  • your choice to use Roadmap with or without a mentor;
  • your choice regarding the privacy settings of the logbook, the calendar and the network;
  • your choice whether or not to participate in the research linked to Roadmap.

Enter the requested information and click on "activate your account". You can now log in to Roadmap.

I'm encountering difficulties while registering, what can I do?

To use Roadmap you must first sign up (see also "how do I register for Roadmap?"). Are you already signed up, but are you unable to sign in? First check if you have a good internet connection and if your login details are correct. Have you forgotten your password? Then click on 'forgot password' to set a new password.

Are you still unable to sign in? You can contact the SIHO via the contact form or send an email to lisa.herman@siho.be.


Language selection

Roadmap is available in Dutch and in English. To change the language, click on NL" at the top right of the page to use Roadmap in Dutch and "EN" to use Roadmap in English.

Sign out

To sign out of Roadmap, click on sign out at the top of the menu bar, you will be signed out automatically.


Which data does Roadmap collect and why?

Roadmap primarily collects the data that you enter on the system in the logbook, the agenda, the network, the messages, the signposts and the personal profile. In addition, a number of variables are kept that allow the tool to function properly, such as for example your last activity, how many unread messages you have, etc. We also use Google Analytics to gain insight into how the website and the tool being used. This data is stored encrypted wherever possible and is never passed on to third parties. For the research, only general anonymous statistics are linked to the anonymous questionnaires that you, if you wish, complete in the context of the research. You can ask to delete your data or change the rights of your supervisor at any time. If you have not been active on the tool for two years, you will receive an automatic e-mail asking whether your details have yet to be saved. If you do not respond to this e-mail, all active data will be deleted, and if you cancel your account yourself, your data will be deleted 1 year after cancellation.

How is my privacy being protected?

Roadmap is located on a secure server and can only be accessed with your personal login information. Roadmap can be used in combination with or without guidance. If you choose to use Roadmap in combination with guidance, your account will be linked to a mentor's secure account. You can choose yourself which information your mentor will or will not see. The information that you share with your mentor can only be viewed by him or her and will be treated in complete confidentiality. The collected data is deleted 1 year after closing your Roadmap account.

Students using the guidance instrument will be informed about the accompanying research upon their registration. Students can give consent to participate in the research via an informed consent. Students who use the instrument and sign an informed consent receive a user ID (anonymous code). Certain characteristics of actions related to the use of the instrument are stored anonymously within a protected database. Analyzes are then performed on the anonymous user data. The questionnaire linked to the Roadmap research is completed anonymously. This way, there will be no sensitive data linked to personal data. The data is not shared with persons other than the staff performing the research. The data is stored on a secure database of the Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology at Ghent University. The collected data is deleted 1 year after closing your Roadmap account.