Support for students with ASD in higher education

An online, interactive and personalizable
guidance tool for students

Roadmap is an online, interactive and personalizable guidance tool that supports students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) within higher education. Roadmap provides easy access to reminders, notes and customizable signposts with coping strategies on topics related to life and learning as a student within higher education. With a useful logbook in which energy and stress levels and daily experiences can easily be recorded on the one hand and a clear planning agenda on the other hand, students are fully supported with the organizing and the following up of their learning and student activities. 

Standalone or blended

Roadmap can be used separately from or in combination with other methods of guidance. Students can map out their own support team and can easily contact their mentor when and where it should be needed. The personalization of the tool ensures that the content that is offered, can be fully tailored to the unique needs of each student. Are you interested in using Roadmap?

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About us

Roadmap is an initiative of the Steunpunt Inclusive Higher Education (SIHO)in collaboration with Ghent University and the Autism Academic Workplace, with support from the King Baudouin Foundation.